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1) What is a possible output of the following program ? Is it unique ? Will the program complete ? If
not, what change would you make so it does complete ? (by moving one line up or down).
2) Briefly describe the “Factory Method” pattern and How does it promote loosely coupled code and
Polymorphism ?
3) What are the measures “Cohesion” and “Coupling” in Software Development ? How these
measures can help creating flexible and extensible software ?
4) What are Concrete Classes versus Abstract Classes versus Interfaces in Java ? Briefly describe the
differences between them.
5) How can you minimize the need for Garbage Collection and make memory usage more efficient ?
6) How can you effectively kill a java thread that is blocked waiting on some IO operation (a reading
socket for instance) ?
7) What can make a java thread return from the wait() method ?
8) How can you prevent a java class from being derived or subclassed ?
9) Is the below a legal java code ? What’s the problem with this design and would be a better approach
to this problem ?
10) Why would you use a synchronized block vs. synchronized method?
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