Download My internship took place from 22/09/2006 to 23/12/2006 in the

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My internship took place from 22/09/2006 to 23/12/2006 in the Arcusys Oy.
After my introduction to other employees I was instructed how to use their SVN repository,
company mail and so on. My main task was writing software for them.
At the beginning it was mobile client of a company CRM system. I wrote remote data access
functionality and designed a skeleton and example implementation of server-side data
connector. Doing this task I used J2ME, JavaEE (mainly Servlets and XML), Eclipse IDE.
My second task was designing and implementing reporting system for an existing Hospital
Information System using BIRT reporting tool. Doing this I had opportunity to learn
Skills acquired:
SVN (Subversion) is an open source application for revision control. It helps people to modify
and manage the same set of data from various locations. And it helps developers to
synchronize source code with other people in team.
J2ME (Java Platform, Micro Edition) is a collection of Java APIs for the development of
software for resource-constrained devices such as PDAs, cell phones and other consumer
appliances. This technology was used in my first task in company Arcusys.
BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) is an open source Eclipse-based reporting
system that integrates with Java/J2EE application to produce compelling reports. It provides
core reporting features such as report layout, data access and scripting.
At the end of my training period I asked my Finnish colleagues for some kind of
recommendation on paper. One of sentences was “In overall, Pawel has done an excellent job
and I would highly recommend him for a java programming position”. So I think that I’ve
done all things that they expected from me, and they were pleased.
Paweł Majkutewicz