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CS 898N Advanced World Wide Web
Lecture 1:
Chin-Chih Chang
[email protected]
• This course is to learn an integrated
knowledge of Web design, analysis,
implementation, and application.
• Topics such as Web software architecture,
client and server technologies, Object Web,
dynamic executable scheduling, web-based
knowledge base, and Web Security will be
• The recent research and results will be
presented. New approaches and current
issues will be discussed.
• A course comprises the necessary
knowledge to make decision on which Web
technology is employed.
• This course is for those who want to learn
how to do Web programming
• You may be one of these people:
– a legacy programmer,
– an armchair jockey,
– a new programmer.
Overview of the Technology
• The word language is quickly becoming
difficult to fit into the scope of what are fast
becoming things called technologies.
• Electronic commerce is driving the
expansion of the Internet.
Course Organization
• An overview of the Internet
• Web programming
Dynamic HTML
Visual Basic
The Basics of Java
Course Organization
Web databases
Security and E-Commerce
Other topics
Tools You Will Need
Internet browser and Internet access
Space on a server
Web page editor
PERL, Java, Visual Basic,