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Earthquakes Unit 10-17
Study and know the main ideas, or
Mr. Jez will find you…
Monday, December 16, 2013
Property of Mr. T. Jez
• Explain the evidence the Theory
of Plate Tectonics
Property of Mr. T. Jez
Recognizing Patterns
• What do the patterns of
earthquakes and volcanoes on
the surface of the earth tell us?
• They outline the edges of plates
and show where hotspots occur
Property of Mr. T. Jez
Ogres have Layers
• Understand the different layers of
the inner earth be able to identify
their order.
• Crust (rigid), Mantle(plastic like), Outer
Core(liquid iron), Inner Core (solid iron/nickel)
Property of Mr. T. Jez
Giant X-Ray Gun?
• How do scientists know what layers are under
the earth’s crust?
• Earthquake waves travel through the earth
and the speeds and locations help us
determine what materials they are traveling
Property of Mr. T. Jez
It’s Your Fault
• Describe all aspects of a Fault. What, where,
how? Provide at least one example.
• (San Andreas)
Property of Mr. T. Jez
What Happens at Plate Edges
• Explain similarities and differences of
convergent, divergent, and transform plate
Property of Mr. T. Jez
Building a Home?
• Explain the different soil types and how they
behave during earthquakes
• (bedrock/compact soil/loose sand)
Property of Mr. T. Jez
Wave Goodbye..
• Explain the difference between a P-wave and
an S-wave. Provide examples from your class
work. Explain how to spot each on a
Property of Mr. T. Jez
Shapes and Pies, Shapes and Pies
• Describe the epicenter and how it is located.
• By gathering S & P Wave data from three
siesmograph stations. Use time/distance
graph to determine distance to epicenter from
each, then triangulate the epicenter
Property of Mr. T. Jez
Did you feel that?
• Explain the process involved with moving the
earth’s tectonic plates. How do they move?
• Convection Currents in the mantle cause
tectonic plate movement
Property of Mr. T. Jez