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Mental Disorders
Illness that affects a person’s thoughts, emotions, and
(Many types)
(should only be diagnosed by a licensed professional)
Too much or too little sleep
Feelings of Extreme Sadness
Unexplained Mood Changes
Personality Changes
Drug or Alcohol Abuse
Lack of Concentration
Extreme Anxiety or Irrational Fear
False Perceptions of Reality
I. Anxiety Disorders
• Disorders in which
real or imagined
fears occur so often
they prevent a
person from
enjoying life.
• Phobias are an
II. Panic Disorder
Sudden feeling of terror
that strikes without
Putting oneself in danger
by trying to escape the
III. Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder
Avoidance of
experiences that could
trigger memories of a
traumatic experience
such as wartime
experiences or abuse.
IV. Clinical Depression
• Prolonged and persistent depression. It is
typically treated with medication.
V. Hypochondria
Belief of illness when none is present
VI. Bipolar Disorder
• A mood disorder in
which a person’s
moods vary from
being very high to
very depressed. It is
caused by a chemical
imbalance and is
VII. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
• Behavior that is characterized by
unreasonable thoughts and actions
that are rigid, inflexible, and
VIII. Schizophrenia
• A mental disorder in
which there is a split
or breakdown in
logical thought
• False perception of
• Hallucinations and/or
IX. Addictive Behavior
• Behavior associated with repeated and
continual connection with an activity or
object that results in unhealthful effects on
the person.
• It is usually an escape from situations or
responsibilities that are painful or difficult.
X. Codependence
• A mental disorder in which a person
loses personal identity, has frozen
feelings, and copes ineffectively.
• A person who knowingly or unknowingly
supports a person who has an addiction by
protecting them, making it easy for them to
continue in the addiction.
• A confrontation by people such as parents,
spouses, or friends, who wish to help a
person with an addiction.
• Therapy that helps a person overcome an
addiction. Individual therapy, group
therapy, and 12-step programs are
effective forms of therapy.
• A return to an addiction after a period
of abstaining from it.