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8 Myths and Misconceptions
about Communication in
Myth 1: Meanings are in words
• What a word means to us may not
mean the same to someone else
• Meanings are in people, not words
• What we say to others might convey a
meaning we are not trying to convey
Myth 2: Communication is a verbal
• How we say something and how we act
impact just as much as what we say
• Communication is not only a verbal process
but a nonverbal process as well
• Nonverbal actions can contradict verbal
messages and when they do most people
believe the nonverbal
Myth 3: Telling is communicating
• Telling is only part of communication
• Must be sensitive to other people’s views and
communication skills
• Telling someone something is not
communicating with them
Myth 4: Communication will solve all
our problems
• Communication can either create or help
overcome problems
• Communication should be adjusted to the
• Forcing people to communicate sometimes
will cause matters to get worse
• Communicating more effectively can help
avoid some situations that result in problems
Myth 5: Communication is a good
• Communication is a tool
• Communication is neither a good nor a bad
• The way you use communication determines if
it is a good thing or bad thing
• We use communication for both positive and
negative purposes
Myth 6: The more communication, the
• The quality of communication is important not
the pure quantity of it
• The more people talk to one another, the
better the decision made is not always the
• Ignorance does not produce intelligence
Myth 7: Communication can break
• Human communication does not break down
rather we communicate unsuccessfully
• You cannot NOT communicate
• Communication is always being expressed
even without words, hence nonverbal
Myth 8: Communication is a natural
• Communication is a learned ability
• We acquire our communication skills through
our education as well as our experiences
• Communication competence can be learned
• Practicing can and will help you communicate