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Myth: You won’t be expose to
UV radiation if it is cloudy.
Truth: Up to
of the sun’s UV rays
penetrate clouds so
protect yourself!
Myth I have to get a tan to
look good.
Truth: Your skin will pay the price
 Cataracts in you eyes
 Skin cancer
 Lines and wrinkles
 Brown spots
 Sagging skin
Myth: Only old people get
Truth: Young women are
getting skin cancer more
often. The risk is real.
Myth: Tanning
beds are a good
way to get
Vitamin D.
Tanning beds are risky, and most
people get enough Vitamin D from
Myth: Having
a good “base
tan” will
protect my skin
from the sun.
Truth: Any tan is a sign of
damaged skin.
Your natural skin color is
GREAT just the way it is!