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Ch 1 Why Social Media?
Finding a Way Through Social Media
Table 1.1
__________ of people are “________” social media marketing
Seek an ________ and ___________ path
_______ _________ direction approaches
Apply a ___________ strategy for success
Popular Social Media Sites,
as of December 2011
What Is Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing (SMM) uses social media portals to __________________- _________________ consumers toward a
website, company, brand, product, service, or a person. Typically, the ____ _______of social media marketing is a
“______________,” such as the purchase of a product, subscription to a newsletter, registration in an online community, or
some other _________ consumer action.
The Seven Myths of Social Media Marketing
1. Social Media is _____________________
2. Social Media is _____________________
3. There is ____________in Social Media Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing isn’t Right for This Business
5. Social Media Marketing is ___________
6. Social Media Marketing is _________________________
7. Social Media is ________
Social Media Myth #1:
Social Media Is Just A Fad
Instead, social media is:
Founded in community, socialization, and _____ ____________ marketing
Based on a stable premise that people are _______ and want to connect with other people
Related to technological _________ that continues to provide new and attractive means for people to
________ in core trends and behaviors in social media interaction that remain stable over time
Figure 1.1
Social Media Usage
Outpaces Traditional Media
Social Media Myth #2:
Social Media Is Just For The Young
Instead, the reality is:
______ users are among the fastest growing demographics on most social media sites
YouTube - __________, evenly divided between males and females
Facebook - 61% of those 35 to 54 and 48% of people _________have Facebook pages
Users span all ____ and ____________ brackets
Social networks are increasingly being adopted by _________ populations
Social Media Myth #3: There Is No Return In Social Media Marketing
Instead, social media returns are:
________ to measure, and many businesses do not currently measure their social media efforts
A ____________ topic for conferences of online marketing experts
_______ in a variety of different ways such as: savings in customer service, online word-of-mouth promotion (buzz),
_________ _______ _________ and _________________, increased brand loyalty, and sale lead generation
Social Media Myth #4: Social Media Marketing Isn’t Right For This Business
Instead, social media marketing:
Is just as relevant to ______ companies as to ________B2C firms
Has a powerful ability to drive _____ ____ ______ or recommendations from friends
Influences search as a resource because _______ results ___________ include social media sites
Even if businesses don’t believe in the value of engaging in social conversations as a part of marketing, there is no denying the
value of a strong business or product presence in search results.
United Breaks Guitars
The Story:
Dave Carroll, a musician flying United Airlines, witnessed baggage handlers throwing his $3,500 Taylor guitar resulting
in $1,200 in damages.
Nine months of efforts to recover costs of the damages ended with, “This is it, there’s going to be nothing you’re
going to get out of United Airlines.”
On July 6, 2009, Carroll posted a video to YouTube titled “United Breaks Guitars” which received over 10 million
views by August 2011.
United Breaks Guitars
The Lesson:
Gone are the days when millions in advertising and PR could control the message—now when customer service is
lacking, an individual can use the social web to communicate with the world, sometimes with nothing more than a
song and clever video.
Every interaction with the customer is a marketing event.
Social Media Myth #5:
Social Media Marketing Is New
Instead, what’s new is:
Technology and media are _______ the role social, _________________, and economic concepts play in modern
marketing efforts
___________________ are now public, online, and viewable for the _______________ future
Consumers are already on social sites, talking about businesses on their Facebook pages, blogs, and Twitter accounts,
whether a business acknowledges this or not.
Social Media Myth #6:
Social Media Is Too Time-consuming
______ key ways to limit the time investment in social media marketing:
1. Look for ____________ __________who can spend some of their time on social media marketing
2. Leverage ________________ tools top streamline social media efforts
3. Use ______________ ______________to boost efficiency
Social Media Myth #7:
Social Media Is ________
While most sites do not have a fee for usage, costs include:
_________________ & _________________
Fees for _____________ and creating content
Fees for consultants or agencies involved in __________________ and _______________ the social media strategy
The History of Social Media Marketing
1978: first “_______” email message was sent
1979: USENET “newsgroups”
1985: The WELL bulletin board system (BBS)
1999: _____________
2001: ____________________
2003: ___________, Delicious, SecondLife, and
2004: ________________
2005: _________________
2006: _________________
Figure 1.2
Social Media Timeline
Why Social Media Marketing is Different
Traditional Approach
Social Media Approach
_______ content seen by __________
Emphasizes ___________ contribution
___ - ______ communication
_____-______ communication
Domineering approach
______________ approach
_______________ agreements
Trust building
What are the Characteristics of a Successful Social Media Marketer?
Technical Skills
Basic computer skills
Proficiency with ________ __________
Proficiency with navigating the web
Knowledge of ______ or ___________ design helpful
Personal Attributes
Good listening skills
_________ vocabulary
Strong reading and comprehension skills
_________ & _______
Professionalism in response to _________ comments
Careers in Social Media Marketing
Spending on social media is forecast to expand substantially between _______ & ________
____________ for social media marketers is likely to increase in the near future
The majority of the jobs in social media are _______________ rather than ____________
The first step toward landing a social media job is getting __________________
Review q’s –
1. Which myth do you think is the most people believe? Why?
2. What social media(s) do you use? How many hours per day do you think you spend on it?
3. Name 2 business that use social media to reach their target market? Explain one example of what they
4. What do you consider as the most influential social media for your age demographic and why? What
about for 30-40 year olds? What about 65 and older adults?