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Media release
Health Bodies Launch Marketing Competition for Diabetes Awareness Campaign
The Diabetes Awareness Group, a collaboration of leading organisations working in the diabetes arena,
has launched an apprentice-style challenge to marketing students, calling on them to demonstrate their
business acumen by developing innovative diabetes awareness campaigns and pitching them to a panel
of leading industry judges. The Group, which includes The Department of Health, leading health charity
Diabetes UK, Action Kids Foundation, Bristol-Myers Squibb, University of Huddersfield, Novo Nordisk,
Oxford University and Oxford Health Alliance, will provide the brief for ‘The Pitch’ to hunt for the next
generation of leading marketers which will be organised and run in association with
The Chartered Institute of Marketing.
The competition aims to support the group’s collective goal to raise awareness of diabetes, and is open
to marketing students across England, including The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s studying
members. 45 teams of three students each will battle it out to deliver a pitch using a real-life business
scenario to develop a marketing solution, to support the Department of Health’s ambition, which will then
be pitched to the judging panel.
Barbara Young, Chief Executive, Diabetes UK, commented, “Because marketing plays a key role in
educating the public about health issues, such as this, we’re delighted to be supporting The Pitch.”
Roderick Wilkes, Chief Executive of The Chartered Institute of Marketing added, “The Pitch promises to
be an exciting and fiercely fought competition, helping students gain valuable experience whilst raising
the diabetes cause across England.”
Winners of The Pitch will be announced at the Diabetes UK
Conference in March 2012; rewards for the winners include
membership to The Chartered Institute of Marketing for a year,
entry into The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Marketing
Excellence Awards, and their studying institution will receive the
CIM Shield for a year.
The deadline for entries is 30th September 2011 and The Pitch
heats will take place at three venues across England around
World Diabetes Day (14 November 2011).
For further information, visit