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Chapter 10 Peer Quiz
Group Members:
Katy Taylor
Ali Brucker
Samantha Martinez
Trevor Minor
Kelly Martinez
1) The Growing popularity of direct marketing can be attributed to what 3 factors?
A. Convenience, Computer Power, and Tracking
B. Marketing, Measurable response, and Cost
C. Cost, Enhancements, and Privacy
D. Frequency, Email, Price
2) A file of names and addresses used for contacting prospects or customers
A. Internal List
B. Mailing List
C. External List
D. Marketing Database
3) Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 Frequency Marketing Program elements?
A. Database
B. Benefit Package
C. Communication Strategy
D. Cross- selling
4) An interactive system of marketing, which uses one or more advertising media to affect a
measurable response and/or transaction at any location is…?
A. Multiple Media
B. Interactive Marketing
C. Direct Marketing
D. Indirect Marketing
5) Which is a common calculation in direct marketing?
A. Cost Per Inquiry
B. Cost Per Order
C. Cost Per Volume
D. Both A&B
6) Direct Marketing is ____ in that the marketer is attempting to develop an ongoing dialogue with
the customer.
A. Interactive
B. Expensive
C. Complex
D. Ineffective
7) Organization’s records of own customers, subscribers, donors, and inquirers.
A. External List
B. Internal List
C. Mailing List
D. Marketing Database
8) ____ is/are purchased from a list compiler or rented from a list broker.
A. List Enhancements
B. Consumer Provided Information
C. Mailing Lists
D. External Lists
9) Which of the following are the three purposes of direct marketing?
A. close sales, engage customers with brands, engage customers with employees
B. close sales, cultivate prospects, engage customers with brand
C. cultivate prospects, open sales, regulate media
D. create dialogue with the customer, close sales, engage customers with employees
10) What is the primary means of payment in most direct-marketing transactions?
A. cash
B. check
C. credit card
D. money orders
11) Which is NOT one of the three elements of frequency marketing programs?
A. database
B. mailing lists
C. benefit package
D. communication strategy
12) The direct marketer’s prime media is(are)...?
A. direct mail
B. telemarketing
C. both A and B
D. none of the above
13) How did the federal government address the public’s desire for privacy from direct marketers?
A. The Do Not Call Registry
B. The Privacy of Information Act
C. The Information Protection Law
D. The Privacy Protection Agency
14) What is the purpose of a Recency, Frequency, and Monetary (RFM) Analysis?
A. to isolate the best customers
B. to compare the recency of advertisements to monetary gain
C. to predict who the organization's best source of business will be
D. A & C
15) What is a critical and necessary element of an infomercial?
A. length
B. testimonials
C. celebrity appearances
D. B & C
16) A popular magazine advertisement that promotes a product by calling attention to themselves and
providing tempting offers is called a/an ?
A. promotion card
B. bind-in insert card
C. advertisement card
D. removable product card
17) An essential application of the of the marketing database is...?
A. Reinforcing
B. Recognizing
C. Reacting
D. A& B
18) What are the four categories of information which list enhancement could be based on?
A. Demographic, Physical, Preferential, and Psychographic
B. Geographical, Behavioral, Physical, and Mental
C. Demographic, Geodemographic, Psychographic, and Behavioral
D. Geographical, Demographic, Mental, Behavioral
19) Who said, “If you drop in just to shake his hand, you get home to find his catalog in your
A. Johannes Gutenburg
B. John Gould
C. Montgomery Ward
D. Lillian Vernon
20) What was the marketing concept formulated by Benjamin Franklin?
A. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
B. Direct Marketing
C. Direct Advertising
D. Cross-Selling