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Tourism Management and Destination Marketing
Tourism Management and
Destination Marketing
Course Category
Open to countries under these
Course Objectives
03 Dec
07 Dec
Training Agency
Closing Date
22 Oct 2012
Economic Development and Trade Promotion
(i) SCPTA Developing Countries
(ii) SIDSTEC Developing Countries
This programme is designed to provide participants with a
comprehensive and integrated approach to tourism
management and destination marketing; introduce participants
to the need to examine tourist behaviours and create
destination awareness through marketing; examine problems
generated by tourism development and recommend ways to
manage them and broaden the participants’ understanding of
the importance of tourism manpower training and development;
and broaden the participants’ perspectives on forces shaping
tourism development.
Course Synopsis &
The programme will include formal classroom sessions from
experienced trainers, discussions and field trips.
The topics to be covered are:
Tourism as a Vehicle for Development
Tourism Sustainability I & II
Understanding Tourist as a Consumer
Destination Marketing
Human Resource in Tourism
Global Trends & Issues
Public Sector in Tourism
Local Tourism Development Issues
Class Size
Participant Profile
Applicants should be:
Government officers or officers of national tourism
offices who are also decision-makers responsible for
tourism planning and development on a national level
Nominated by their respective Governments
Proficient in spoken and written English
In good health