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EE Interview Process
For an electronic design engineering
• Morning
– EE Questions
– General Design Process Questions
– Lab Session
– Software Questions
• Afternoon
– Behavioral
EE Questions
• Design an OPAMP with a gain of +10
• Draw a NPN transistor and label the nodes
– Attach a 5V source to the Base and a 1kOhm resistor
to the collector and emitter
– Analyze this circuit
• Replace NPN transistor with a N-Channel MOSFET
– Describe different types of MOSFETS and different
modes of operation
– Analyze this circuit
General Design Process
• Have I designed and laid out a PCB before?
– Programs used
– Where their any layout restrictions to take into
– How did you build the PCB
– Environmental check (Lead free?)
Lab Session
• Build an OPAMP with a gain of +10
• Build a switch for an LED using a MOSFET, 500
ohm resistor, 5 V source, button press and an LED
• Build a circuit that will take a sinusoidal input and
give a DC output = to the sinusoids amplitude
• Analyzed a simple circuit they had built and point
out the flaws (When the board was populated the
manufacture put parts on backward and wrong
value resistor)
Software Questions
• Embedded system level
– Logical flow of program(i.e. If/Else)
– Different variable and their function (i.e. Don’t use
int when you need decimals, use float)
– Not syntax oriented
Comp. Arch specific (Dft. Interview)
• What is a cache
• Different setups for GPIO (High, Low, Tri-State
• Determine bitrates from given information
• What is a bootstrapping
• List some different setups for MOSFETS and
BJT (i.e. Open collector)