Download he word "Renaissance" is a French word that means “rebirth

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For each main heading write the main idea. For each sub heading, write 2 supporting details from that section that support
the main idea. Part of the first one has been done for you.
 Italy’s Advantages: The Renaissance was a time of creativity.
o City-States
 City-states in northern Europe were a great place for people to exchange ideas and an ideal
breeding ground for an intellectual revolution.
 The bubonic plague killed thousands and forced merchants to pursue other interests such as art.
o Merchants and the Medici
o Looking to Greece and Rome
 Classical and Worldly Values:
o Classics lead to Humanism
o Worldly Pleasures
o Patrons of the Arts
o The Renaissance Man
o The Renaissance Woman
 The Renaissance Revolutionizes Art:
o Realistic Painting and Sculpture
o Leonardo, Renaissance Man
o Raphael Advances Realism
o Anguissola and Gentileschi
 Renaissance Writers Change Literature:
o Petrarch and Boccaccio
o Machiavelli Advises Rulers
o Vittoria Collonna
he word "___________________" is a French word that means “_____________.” From about _________ to
________, a revival of interest in the values and arts of Greece and Rome led to a golden age of cultural blending and
_______________. This Renaissance transformed Western European life. During this period, Italy was divided into
_____________ ruled by prominent families who were elevated to power through wealth acquired by _______
________ ___________with the East. A merchant class emerged to provide goods and services such as
_____________to the upper class. _____________ ______________ and the _____________ _______________began
to commission ___________ and ________________ to create masterpieces that would beautify their daily existence
and remind one of the greatness that was once ___________.
he Renaissance is divided into _________ sections: the ___________ Renaissance and the __________
Renaissance. In the early period, painters and sculptors such as Giotto, Botticelli, and _______________ created works
that inspired later artists _________________ and ____________ ___ ___________. These new ideas spread
northward through the ______________ ______________and the Renaissance began to flourish in the kingdoms to the
_____________ as well. The ideas continued to____________ _______________. Flemish painters, Pieter
_______________ the Elder, the _______ ___________brothers, and German painter, Albrecht ______________, used
the newly invented _________ paint and added another dimension of deep color to paint. Another dimension followed
in the addition of dramatic _____________ and _________________ called ______________________.
uring the Renaissance, the Western European world image shifted from a _________________ view to a
_________________, or_________________, outlook due to the discovery of the “New World” and new contact with
the ancient civilizations further _____________. Renaissance intellectuals, Sir Thomas More and ______________ of
Rotterdam had a growing _______________ in individual __________________ ________________ and
_________________. This new ______________ on _____________ ________________ of the __________________
was called "______________________. " Writers began to use their native ____________________ (called their
vernacular) rather than Latin to express their ideas beyond the upper class. Petrarch, Boccaccio, and
_________________ were the earlier writers who practiced this style. As the Renaissance spread northward, other
writers followed their lead: Cervantes in Spain, Rabelais in France, and the ever-popular ______________________of
England. The invention of __________________ ____________by Johannes Gutenberg (1445) not only facilitated the
printing of books, but also helped to teach the master printers and their apprentices to read and made books much
______________ to purchase, thus spreading Renaissance ideas to the__________________ ________________.