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Chapter 23: The French Revolution & Napoleon (mod)
NOTE: You must choose SIX of the questions to answer on the test in short paragraphs. You
must answer AT LEAST one from each section of the chapter.
Section 1: The French Revolution Begins
Old Regime
3 estates
Louis XVI
Marie Antoinette
National Assembly
Tennis Court Oath
Declaration of the Rights of Man
Explain the three factors that led to revolution?
Describe the storming of the Bastille, the Women’s March on Versailles, and the Great Fear. How was each
significant to the French Revolution?
Section 2: Revolution Brings Reform and Terror
Legislative Assembly
Committee of Public Safety
Reign of Terror
Describe the actions the National Assembly took against the Church. How did those actions affect the
peasants and the Revolution?
What new governing body replaced the National Assembly in 1791, what changes did it create in France, and
what happened to the king?
Describe the Reign of Terror? Include in your answer the Committee of Public Safety, the person who led the
Reign of Terror, the group that made up the largest number of those executed, and why it was significant.
Section 3: Napoleon Forges an Empire
Napoleon Bonaparte
coup d’etat
Napoleonic Code
Battle of Trafalgar
Describe Napoleon’s rise from army officer to Emperor.
Explain three accomplishments of Napoleon that restored order in France.
Section 4: Napoleon’s Empire Collapses
scorched-earth policy
Continental System
Hundred Days
Peninsula War
What was Napoleon’s most critical mistake in 1812, what policy did his enemies use against him, and what
were the results of his 1812 campaign?
What countries looked to take advantage of Napoleon’s weakness, what defeats did he suffer, and what
eventually happened to him (by 1814)?
Map: Use the map on pg. 666 to locate the following:
Baltic Sea
Atlantic Ocean
North Sea
French Empire
Great Britain
Mediterranean Sea
Austrian Empire
Black Sea