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"Reign of Terror"
Assembly of Notables
anyone opposed to the radical activities of
the sans-culottes was beheaded by the
gathering of French nobles, prelates, and
magistrates who refused to compromise when it
came to the financial situation of France
middle class in France
cahiers de doleances
advocated a constitutional
controller-general of finances in France who
proposed a complete revamping of the fiscal
and administravtie system of the state
Civil Code (Code Napoleon)
recognized the principle of the equality of
all citizens before the law
Civil Constitution of the Clergy
stated that bishops and priests of the
Catholic church would be elected by the
people and paid by the state
Committee of Public Safety
led France after the king was
Common Sense
pamphlet written by Thomas Paine who
argued that is was ridiculous for "a continent
to be perpetually governed by an island"
agreement between the Catholic church and
Napleon that made the church no longer an
enemy of the French government
Continental System
attempt by Napoleon to prevent British
goods from reaching the European continent
in order to weaken Britain economically
Declaration of Pillnitz
issued by Frederick II of Prussia and Leopold II of
Austira and invited other European monarchs to
put the king of France back into power
Declaration of the Rights of
Man and the Citizen
charter of basic liberties that was
influenced by the Enlightenment and the
American Declaration of Independence
relied on the military to
maintain it's power
French Revolution (1789)
provided a model of revolution for Europe
and was the political movement that
inaugurated the rest of the political world
wanted to keep the French
king alive
Great Fear
fear of invasion by foreign
troops throughout France
redical deputies who served
primarily as discussion groups
Law of 14 Frimaire
Committee of Public Safety sought to
centralize the administration of France
Law of the General Maximum
established price controls on
goods delared of first neccessity
League of Armed Neutrality
formed by Russia to protect neutral
ships from British attack
Legislative Assembly
where sovereign power was
condemned Louis XIV of
France to death
emperor of France who ended the French
Revolution with his coup d'etat
National Assembly
composed of the Third Estate whose goal
was to draw up a new constitution for
National Convention
did not go any farther than agreeing to
abolish the monarchy and establish a
cultural identity of a people based on
common language, religion, and national
Olympe de Gouges
author of the Declaration of the Rights of
Woman and Citizen who insisted that women
should have the same rights as men
Paris Commune
led by Danton this group sought revenge
on those who aided the king
hired by Napolean and were responsible
for supervising all aspects of local
government in France
leader of the Committee of Public Safety
who intiated the Reign of Terror
ordinary patriots without fine
Segur Law
attempt to limit the sale of military
officerships to fourth-generation nobles
in France
Society for Revolutionary
Republican Women
composed of working class women in
France who vowed "to rush to the defense
of the Fatherland"
Storming of the Bastille
an uprising where the Bastille, a prison
and also the symbol of triumph over
depotism, was demolished
Tennis Court Oath
when the Third Estate found themselves locked out of the
meeting place for the Estates-General they moved to a
nearby tennis court and swore they would continue to
meet until the had produced a French constitution
Thermidorean Reaction
period after the Reign of Terror where the
Revolution began to slow down
Treaty of Paris (1783)
recognized independence of
American colonies
final defeat of Napoleon