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French Revolution/Napoleon Project
In groups of three or four, you will design a poster on some aspect of either the French
Revolution or Napoleon. This poster must identify key information about your topic and
why it is important to the study of world history. Besides the use of your text, you must
provide TWO outside sources on your topic. Once all of the posters have been
completed, you will go to the other posters and gather information for a comprehensive
overview on this era in world history.
1. Division in French Society (3 Estates) and the Estates
2. Life at Versailles: King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
3. Storming of the Bastille (reasons why)
4. Revolution leaders (Danton/Robespierre/ and others)
5. Great Fear and the March on Versailles
6. Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Guillotine
7. Escape of king Louis XVI (reasons why)
8. The Reign of Terror
9. Napoleon-Rise and reforms
10. Napoleon-Empire and fall
This project is due on October 4 and worth 20 points!