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Rachelle Yando, Nina Kostyk, & Dave
What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
• Textbook Definition: "the study and
design of intelligent agents”
• Simpler Definition: a branch of computer
science dealing with the simulation of
intelligent behavior in computers
• The capability of a machine to imitate
intelligent human behavior
History of AI
• 1941: First electronic computer
(technology finally available )
• 1956: Term Artificial Intelligence introduced
• 1960s: Checkers-playing program that was
able to play games with opponents
• 1980s: Quality Control Systems
• 2000: First sophisticated walking robot
Understanding AI
BIG Philosophy:
• Can it act intelligently?
• Can it feel?
• Can it solve problems • Human Intelligence vs.
by thinking?
machine intelligence?
• Can it have a mind?
mental states &
• Is the human brain
essentially a computer?
Three Major Domains of AI
Research & Development
1- Cognitive Science
-How the brain works
2-Natural Interfaces
-Microsoft SYNC
3- Robotics
Fields of AI
•Computer Science
•Concept Mining
•E-mail Spam Filtering
•Data Mining
•Philosophy etc.
Real AI vs. Fantasy
Robots in
• Precise
Robots that are like
• Why?
– Companionship?
• Less prone to error
• Faster
• Don’t get bored
• Beauty of life
– Randomly
– Unexpected
• Feelings are genuine
– Emerged naturally
AI costs $$$
• There has to be financial motivation
• Gaming  $$$
• Good opponents act like humans
Game Design in AI
•Techniques control theory,
robotics, computer graphics, and
computer science
•No longer a 30-minute distraction
from reality
•Graphics  AI Design
X BOX 360
•What is it?
•Brilliant Engineers
•Non-Play Characters (NPCs) can behave in realistic ways
•Efficient use of Teamwork
•The ability to hunt
•Survival Instincts
“Gears of War”
Robots take over the world?
• Step 1: Manufacturing
-Robots have already begun to replace factory
• Step 2: Service jobs
-Robots at McDonalds?
• Step 3: ???
-Robots take over the world?
What Do You Think???