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E storage
Building materials
E.g. Cell wall of plants
Simple sugars
E.g. glucose
E.g. fructose
Can exist as linear molecules and as rings (3.8)
Dehydration synthesis of a disaccharide (3.9) (look for the water)
The reverse of this = hydrolysis (digestion) (look for the water)
E.g. glycogen
E storage (liver, muscle)
E.g. starch
E storage (plants)
E.g. cellulose
Plant cell wall (fiber!)
Complex Carbohydrates
Overview of some polysaccharides (3.10)
Starch- stored in plants; a polymer of glucose
Glycogen- E storage in muscle; a polymer of glucose
Cellulose- support/structure in plant cell wall- also a polymer of glucose.
Cellulose “cables”- strength to plant cell wall
Overview of some polysaccharides (3.10) (look at their structures- starch and
glycogen are “helical”; cellulose is linear)
Structure & Function (3.11)
*Cellulose and starch have different structure
*different bonds b/w monomers
*We CAN digest starch
*We cannot digest cellulose
*Cellulose = insoluble fiber in our diet (if you eat plant material…)