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Yr 7 – History Knowledge Organiser: Unit 4 a – The Crusades
L3 – Why would someone fight in a Crusade?
Key Words
Holy War
The Holy
An armed, Christian pilgrimage.
A person who journeys to a holy place for religious reasons.
The journey taken by the pilgrim.
A war declared or waged in support of a religious cause.
A term used by Jews, Christians, and Muslims for an area in the Middle
East which is the setting for many religious stories and events.
An armed, Christian pilgrim.
L1 – What were the crusades and when did they take place?
To ensure that Christian
pilgrims had access to the
Holy Land and sacred places
The Pope said you should go.
The Muslims had to be
defeated or they would
destroy Christianity.
There would be
opportunity to
take booty from
your enemies.
The Holy Lands
were rich and
All your sins would be
forgiven if you died on
 You would gain a heroic
 Successful crusaders could
be rewarded with lands
and titles in the east.
 Second and third sons
wouldn’t inherit their
father’s land. The crusade
was an opportunity t gain
land themselves.
L4 – The First Crusade 1095-1099.
Events of the First Crusade
What happened?
Council of Clermont - 1095
Pope Urban II (head of the Catholic church) gave a speech saying
that Turks (Muslims) had attacked Christians in the East. This was
very convincing and his message spread through France very, very
Powerful European men heard Pope Urban II’s message and built
armies to fight the Muslims. By August 1096 the armies were
ready and set off from their different bases heading east. They
were joined by the Normans.
The crusading armies arrived at the the city of Constantinople
(Con-stan-ti-nople). The crusaders were welcomed by the
Byzantine Emperor Alexius. Any city taken by the crusaders would
be given to Alexis.
The crusaders now had and army of 35,000. The crusaders began
to attack the Muslim castle of Nicaea (Niy-see-a). This was a long
attack called a siege. Eventually the crusaders got inside and
controlled the castle. The city was given to Alexis
It took a long time to take the city of Antioch. The city was taken in
1098. The crusaders did not give the city to Alexis. Alexis was
It took the crusaders 9 months to take Jerusalem. Once they
entered they killed everyone they came across. They entered
sacred temples to pray while dripping in blood.
The Prince’s Crusade – Aug
Constantinople - Nov 1096
The Siege of Nicaea -1097
L2 – Why are they fighting for the Holy City?
Holy Places
Why is the city holy?
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Temple Mount
Al-Aqsa Mosque
Dome of the Rock (Omar’s Mosque)
Tombs of Jewish Figures
Temple of Solomon
Mount Zion
Place of Jesus’ crucifixion and
Temple Mount has two important
mosques. Third holiest city after Mecca
and Medina
Spiritual home of Jewish people.
Important Jewish burial sites.
The Siege of Antioch -10971098
The Siege of Jerusalem –
Oct 1098 – Jul 1099