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Problem: Social Media and Big Data
Social Media has changed how people communicate and shop. In 2012, Twitter surpassed 200 million active users
generating more than 500 million Tweets per day. Tweets and social media have become a dominant means of
interaction between businesses and customers and this data holds great potential for marketers to discover trends,
locate customers and interact with users. With millions of business related tweets per day, it is difficult to determine
what is being said about a business without a tool that can help uncover trends. PathGeo offers that tool.
Solution: Social Awareness Marketing
PathGeo’s Social Awareness Marketing (SAM) platform can help businesses find customers, discover trends , and
manage brand reputation. In a competitive environment where sales matter, no sales leads can be overlooked. SAM
presents social media sales leads in real time through a customizable dashboard.
The SAM dashboard can help businesses understand their consumer base by listening to unsolicited comments on social
media - Twitter, blogs, web postings, Flickr, Youtube. By learning who the customers are and where they are located we
can help businesses gain clients and protect their reputation. This is the basis of Social Awareness Marketing.
Business Model
The PathGeo Social Awareness Marketing platform is a Software as a Service business model. Users are charged a
monthly fee for access to PathGeo’s analytics and mapping platforms. Service levels are divided into three tiers based on
data volume and number of queries. We offer specialized consulting services for unique data requests.
Market Opportunity
Clients of PathGeo are businesses and marketers looking to expend their profit with our decision support service. Our
solution is ideal for clients wishing to understand their customers’ responses and behaviors through webpage and social
media use. Our focus on sales leads, spatial data and geographic trends sets PathGeo apart from competitors.
PathGeo is located in the College of Engineering’s Zahn Center at San Diego State University (SDSU). The Social
Awareness Marketing Company is a spinoff of a $1.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to San Diego
State University. Since 2010, PathGeo’s 12 person team of marketing experts, social scientists, geographers and linguists
have been working hard to understand the open conversation that is taking place in the cyber space.
Contact: [email protected]