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Positive and Negative Word Meanings
In the story below, there are many key words that help you identify the sign of the
numbers. As you find the KEY words, mark them following the guide:
Then, write the words in the correct column in the chart.
Sam’s Integer Adventure
Sam went downtown to the bank. He walked to
the tallest office building, got in the elevator,
and rose three floors. At the bank, Sam
deposited five hundred dollars and withdrew
forty dollars. Money in hand he got back into the
elevator and rode down two floors to stop at the
post office, which was in the same building. Sam
spent $11 on a book of stamps. In his post office
box, he had a letter from his cousin. She was
coming to visit him on the weekend. The day’s
temperature was 2 degrees below zero and Sam
was glad it was supposed rise to 20 degrees by
The next morning, Sam weighed himself and
found that he lost 2 pounds. He was very happy,
because he gained 5 pounds last week. On his way
to work, he stopped to buy thirty dollars of gas.
Sam had a good day at his job and increased his
daily sales amount. On his way home, Sam was
watching the sunset and saw an airplane
descending toward the airport.
On Saturday, Sam and his cousin went to the mall.
When they had lunch, Sam paid $40 at the
restaurant for the food. He received $20 from his
cousin for her half of the bill. At a store, Sam
purchased a lotto ticket. When he scratched off
the numbers, he won $100!
Words with a
Negative meaning
Words with a
Positive meaning
(There are 9 words.)
(There are 7 words.)