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What are flame retardants?
What are they?
Used to stop or inhibit the spread of fire
Minerals (red phosphorous)
Organohalogens (chlorendic acid)
Organophosphorous (bisphenol A)
Are usually mixed with or added to
additive or reactive flame reatardants (A
• Multiple classes are sometimes mixed
Do they really work?
Do they really work?
• Some people say that flame retardants are
• Flame retardants are only required to
show that it can stop fire after 12 seconds
of burning. Should more be required?
• 64% of flame retardants do not have to be
labeled when used in products.
What contains Flame retardant
What’s more important? Saving
your belongings or your life?
Brominated vegetable oil (BVO))
Bisphenol A
How do they affect
the thyroid?
How do they affect the thyroid?
• Flame retardant chemicals cause hormone
inbalances in the body.
• Hypothyroidism is due to the body not
producing enough thyroid hormone.
Prenatal Study
• They can disrupt the amount of thyroid
hormone being produced for babies in the
• The babies neurodevelopment can be
affected by the mother not getting enough
thyroid hormone.
• The baby can also be born with an
underactive thyroid.
Hypotthyroidism affects
Hypothyroidism Affects
Depression and fatigue
Excessive Weight Gain
Memory loss
Flame test
Use products without flame retardants
Wash hands frequently
Use a vacuum with HEPA filter
Replace or repair exposed foam