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Flame Test Lab
Name __________________
9-11 PS2B Given the number and arrangement of electrons in an outermost shell of
an atom, predict the chemical properties of the element.
EALR 1.1 Properties: Understand how properties are used to identify, describe, and
categorize substances, materials, and objects and how characteristics are used to
categorize living things.
GLE 1.1.1 Understand the atomic nature of matter, how it relates to physical and
chemical properties and serves as the basis for the structure and use of the periodic
 Identify an unknown substance using the substance’s physical and chemical
Problem: What is the unknown ion?
Observations and Data
Metallic Ion
Sodium, Na+
Flame Color
Potassium, K+
Lithium, Li+
Calcium, Ca2+
Strontium, Sr2+
Barium, Ba2+
Copper, Cu2+
Conclusion and Questions
1. What inaccuracies may be involved in using flame tests for identification
2. Which pairs of ions produce similar colors in the flame tests?
3. Explain how the colors observed in the flame tests are produced.