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Rome to the end of the
Republic (31 BC)
• Unlike previous conquests, the Roman conquest of Greece was
long-drawn and fiercely fought.
• Almost immediately after the end of the second Punic war the
Romans attacked Greece.
• King Perseus of Macedon resisted them for years
• The conquest of Greece took 50 years of almost constant
warfare, and it is a testament to the tenacity of the Romans.
• After the battle of Corinth (146 BC) the whole of the Greek
peninsula becomes Roman territory
• In the same year the Romans destroy Carthage, and thus they
complete the subjugation of their two ancient rivals for the
supremacy of the Mediterranean.
The Roman conquest of
Rome in 146 BC
• Now that Rome had an empire and much strength
• In some ways the old Republic was too weak to handle
the strong leaders and interests that came to power (just
as in Startwars)
• Strong generals started fighting with each other for the
prize of supreme power.
• Rome itself and the provinces became the theater of
bloody conflicts.
• The last man standing, Augustus became in all but name
the first emperor of Rome
The Civil struggle of the
1 c.
• Marius vs Sulla:
Marched against Rome
Imposed an indefinite dictatorship
Proscriptions of Roman Citizens
The Triumvirate (60 BC)
Antony and Cleopatra
The Hollywood Version
Antony VS Octavian
Octavian Augustus, Princeps (after
the battle of Actium in 31 BC)
Rome in 30 BC.