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Mitosis Vocab.
1. Chromosome- package of DNA &
proteins that stores genetic
information and “tells” cell how to
2. Chromatid – One part of a
3. Spindle fibers- protein filaments
(part of cytoskeleton) that move
the chromosomes apart during cell
4. chromatin- uncoiled DNA; visible
in interphase
5. centromere- “merely in the
center” of chromosome- holds
chromatids together
6. centriole- Only in ANIMAL cells
during cell division. Act as
support “poles” to aid in
movement of chromosomes.
7. nuclear envelope-
8. equator (cell)9. poles (cell)-
10. DNA- Deoxyribonucleic AcidSegments of genes that control
organism’s traits
11. Daughter cells- 2 identical cells
with the same # of chromosomes
as original cell (products of
12. cytokinesis- Final step of cell
cycle; process of cytoplasm
dividing to form 2 new cells.