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Sample question. (20)
Simplify the expression:
27 4
JV1.1. (30) The height of my
tv screen is 3/4 its width. If the
diagonal is 30 inches, what is
the width in inches?
JV1.2. (20) 8 teams play in a
tournament in which teams are
eliminated only after losing two
games. What is the largest
number of games that could be
JV1.3. (30) My stock increased
in value 20% the first year and
30% the second. What is the
total percentage increase?
JV1.4 (20) Calculate:
100  99  98  97  96  ...  81  80
JV1.5. (30) My final grade is
the average of 3 midterms plus
the final, with the final being
given twice the weight of each
of the other 3 exams. I scored
88, 86, and 92 on the three
midterms. What do I need to
score on the final so my average
is 90?
JV1.6 (30) If I flip a fair coin
three times, what is the
probability of getting at least
one head?
JV1.7 (30)The product of three
consecutive odd integers is 315.
What is the smallest of the three
JV1.8 (30) What is the greatest
common divisor of 108 and
JV1.9. (20) Calculate
(1  )(1  )(1  )...(1  )
JV1.10 (30) What is x if :
2-(x-(3-x)) = 1
JV1.11. (20) Calculate:
1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + ... + 19
JV1.12 (30) The volume of a
pyramid with a square base and
a height of 5 inches is 15 cubic
inches. What is the length in
inches of the side of the base?
JV2.1 (30) How many hours is
it from 3 am Sunday to 7 p.m
JV2.2 (30) One faucet can fill
a tub in 20 minutes, another in
30 minutes. How long will it
take to fill if both faucets are
JV2.3 (40) Find the values of x
which give a positive integer
solution to:
5x + 8y = 76
JV2.4 (30) The first term of a
sequence is 1. Thereafter, each
term is the sum of all preceding
terms. What is the 8-th term?
JV2.5 (30) What will this
computer program print?
while x < 100
x = x+3
end while
print x
JV2.6 (40) Solve for y:
x  y  16, x  12  7 x
JV2.7 (30) Express the infinite
decimal .363636... as a reduced
JV2.8 (40) Perform the base
eight addition:
336eight  454eight  ????eight
JV2.9 (20) By what factor is
the volume of a cylinder
increased if its height is doubled
and its diameter is tripled?
JV2.10 (30) The squares of
two consecutive positive odd
integers differ by 48. What is
their sum?
JV2.11 (30) An equilateral
triangle of side 12 is inscribed
in a circle. What is the circle's
JV2.12 (20) If I roll two dice,
what is the probability the
product of the numbers is even?
JV3.1 (30) If you correctly fill
out a 9 by 9 Sudoku puzzle,
what is the sum of all the
JV3.2 (30) A swimming pool
is 20 feet wide, 30 feet long,
and 8 feet deep. How many
hours will it take to fill it with a
hose with capacity 1/2 cubic
foot per minute?
JV3.3 (30) Solve for x:
| | x  2 | 3 |  4
V3.4 (20) If I roll three dice
what is the probability the sum
of the three numbers is even?
JV3.5 (30) Give the average of
the set of odd numbers which
are between 4 and 22.
JV3.6 (30) Two positive
numbers differ by 4; their
squares differ by 36. What is
their sum?
JV3.7 (30) Give the value of x
for a positive integer solution of
4x + 7y = 30
JV3.8 (20) A line is perpendicular to y  5  2 x and crosses
it on the y-axis. Give its
equation in the form
y = mx + b
JV3.9 (30) Express
as an
infinite repeating decimal.
JV3.10 (30) Do the base five
34 five  21 five  ??? five
JV3.11 (30) A cone has
diameter equal to its height. Its
volume is 18 in . What is its
JV3.12 (20) What is the
interior angle, in degrees, of a
regular dodecagon?
JV4.1 (30) Four lines can
divide the plane into how many
regions at most?
JV4.2. (30) Four consecutive
even integers add up to 284.
What is the smallest of the four?
JV4.3 (20) We break a decagon
into triangles by joining
vertices. How many triangles
do we get?
JV4.4 (30) How many different
ways are there to arrange the
letters {a, b, c, d} so that b is
immediately to the right of a?
JV4.5 (30) If the two digits of
a number are reversed the
number is increased by 18.
What is the largest number it
could be?
JV4.6 (30) A swimming pool
is circular in shape. I swim
from one side 10 feet and touch
the wall. I turn 90 degrees and
swim 24 feet again touching the
wall. What is the diameter of
the pool?
JV4.7 (20) What is the total
surface area of a hemisphere of
radius 2?
JV4.8 (45) How many ways
can I make a total of 50 cents if
I have only quarters, dimes and
JV4.9 (45) A cone has radius 3
inches and height 4 inches.
What is the area of the slanted
JV4.10 (45) What is the largest
integer n such that n is an
JV4.11 (30) What is the probability I draw two socks of the
same color if I draw randomly
from a drawer with 4 grey socks
and 3 black socks?
JV4.12 (30) Perform the base
four division:
3300 four
 ??? four
12 four