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1. Nonverbal Communication transmits feelings much better
than thoughts. Strive not to be a mind reader when interpreting
a person’s nonverbal behavior
2. Consider Gender, Culture, and Context When Reading
Nonverbal Communication Cues
3. Nonverbal Communication Should be Read in Packages
Assess a number of nonverbal cues a person
demonstrates to see if there is a consistency. Don’t read just
one cue and make a judgement.
4. Nonverbal Communication is governed by Rules—If
someone is doing something against the rules are they rule
ignorant or rule violator?
"A followable prescription that indicates which behavior is
preferred, obligated or prohibited within a given context.“ Susan
Rule Behavior can come in three different categories:
Rule Follower
knows the rules and chooses to follow that behavior
Rule Violator
Rule Ignorant
knows the rules and chooses not to follow that behavior
engages in behavior that violates the rule, but has no idea
that the rule exists
5. Nonverbal Communication is
ambiguous—perception checking is critical
when assessing nonverbal cues.