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This kind of goal requires the skills
and talents of many group members
A group member who has negative
feelings about working in groups is
experiencing … ?
What kind of nonverbal
communication is displayed when a
group member makes a slashing
motion across his throat to signal
you to stop talking?
A person with this communicator
style attends to others in ways that
let them know they are being
listened to
The use of time in group interaction
is called … ?
In this kind of task, the group is
responsible for figuring out the steps
necessary to carry out somebody
else’s decision
Cultures that value group
accomplishment over individuals are
called … ?
These words are specific and precise
Concrete words
A group is defined as this many
Three or more
When you are motivated to take
part in a task because it intrigues
you, you have … ?
Intrinsic interest
When group members rely on and
cooperate with each other, they
exhibit … ?
The group’s collective belief that the
group can be effective is called … ?
Group potency
When only one group can win and
all the other groups lose, they are
engaged in … ?
A communication climate that is
negative or threatening is called … ?
Tone of voice, rate of speech, and
volume are all elements of … ?
Using a particular frame of reference
for hearing and understanding a
speaker is called … ?
Selective listening
When the performance of a group
exceeds the capabilities of group
members as individuals, we say the
group has achieved … ?
Cues about appropriate group
behavior are called … ?
A group with stable yet permeable
boundaries is called … ?
Bona fide
When you paraphrase what the
speaker has said, you are engaged
in … ?
Active listening
Roles that are assigned or elected
are called … ?
What kind of nonverbal
communication is displayed when a
group member pats another on the
When there are lots of possible
answers to a problem, you have this
Solution multiplicity
When a group member is lazy
because he expects the others to do
the work, he is engaging in … ?
Social loafing
A person with this communication
style desires to take charge and
control the interaction
A group shows up to take the exam
wearing team hats, to demonstrate
their … ?
Group identity
Words that are broad and general,
and could have multiple meanings,
are called … ?
A person with this communication
style uses lots of expressive
nonverbal behaviors such as facial
Individual group members’ beliefs
that the group can be effective is
called … ?
Collective efficacy
When messages are too infrequent
or too simple, you may experience
Communication underload
The degree to which members want
to stay in the group is called … ?
When the group first comes
together and everyone is wondering
how they are going to fit in, the
group is in this phase
Inclusion and dependency
When the outcome of your effort is
measured against standards of
excellence, you are engaged in … ?
When there is too much, or too
complex, communication coming
from too many sources, you may
experience this
Communication overload
The interpersonal need that relates
to establishing close relationships
with others is called … ?
A person who has fear or anxiety
about communicating with others is
experiencing this
Communication apprehension
A communication climate that is
positive and respectful is called … ?
A group that helps a member with a
personal problem is showing … ?
Social support