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Chapter 1 Lesson 5
Microorganisms & Disease
________________________ - organisms that are microscopic or too small to be seen
with just the eyes.
________________________ - anything that interferes with the normal functions of
the body.
________________________ - disease-causing agents
________________________ - pathogens that are passed from one organism to
________________________ - poisonous substance
________________________ - when doctors use a cotton swab to collect cells from
your throat
________________________ - bacterium that causes strep throat.
______________________ & ______________________ - bacteria that can live in
uncooked meats and raw eggs
________________________ - disease spread by amoebas in contaminated food or
________________________ - infectious disease caused by protists that are carried
________________________ - scientist that developed a process to eliminate
microbes from some foods
________________________ - invented by Louis Pasteur, process of heating milk to a
a high temperature in order to kill bacteria
________________________ - chemicals used to treat infectious disease
________________________ - scientist who first discovered antibiotics –penicillin
________________________ - made from dead or weakened pathogens to help fight
of diseases
________________________ - developed the first vaccine in 1796
________________________ - developed the Polio vaccine