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Web – Senior Marketing Manager – Min 5 Yrs Exp
Job Title
Senior Marketing Manager
Position Required
Senior Marketing Manager
Educational Requirements
UG Marketing / PG in Marketing will be an added advantage
No. of vacancies
Min 5 Years in Real Estate Marketing
1. Real Estate Expert / Superior Marketing & Brand Strategy Skills
/ Excellent PPP, Excel, Word and Social Media interface
2. Competent in computing skills - MS Office Suite, Internet
Explorer, PPP, Internet Browsing
3. Must have min. 5 years experience in media planning,
budgeting and purchasing
4. Must have min. 5 years experience in managing creative
agencies and their collaterals
Skill Set & Knowledge
5. Must have min. 2 years experience in market research and
6. Prior experience in real estate field will be an added advantage
7. Must be entrepreneurial in nature and highly self-motivated
8. Smartly attired, pleasant personality & amiable person
9. Must be outgoing and relationship-oriented
10. Honesty and Integrity of character required
11.Ambitious and self-driven candidates preferred
1.Overall in charge of company’s marketing strategies, brand
building, marketing plans, media budgets, media purchase,
Job Role
communication and public relations
2. Must be able to create and develop a marketing team at KG
Web – Senior Marketing Manager – Min 5 Yrs Exp
3. Prepare reports in prescribed formats for management
4. Identify market segments, define and execute marketing
5. Successfully plan and participate in real Estate
Exhibitions.Conduct thorough market research through site visits,
competitor strategy analysis and comparative studies
6. Conduct market analysis based on market research to develop
pricing and product development & differentiation strategies for
7. Prepare marketing presentation in PPP for KG internal
marketing reviews, product development and pricing analysis
8. Prepare marketing presentation for investors, corporate and
fund companies
9. Prepare brochures/flyer/emailer/floor plans / standees / kiosks
and all other marketing material in consultation with
management and media / ad agencies
10.Prepare corporate branding strategies for KG
11. Make all arrangements for project launches including
organising all PR activities such as press conferences
12. Making all arrangements for project launches including all
collaterals required at site such as site signages, hoardings,
corporate and project related branding.
13. Co-ordinating between management to make a marketing
program and budget
14. Prepare a ad schedule and block dates with respective media /
publication outlets
15. Monitor marketing program viz. Email promotion, SMS,
Web – Senior Marketing Manager – Min 5 Yrs Exp
phone calls, brokers, day camps at IT Parks, online advertising,
overseas advertising, participating in property fairs etc.
16. Start and monitor online social marketing programme through
facebook/twitter etc
17. Coordinate with Engineering department for marketing
related collaterals
18. In-depth analysis and study of Sales departments reports to
analyse and measure the sales response based on the media
spends / outlets
19. Organise events on handing over flats for customers.
Coordinate same with Engineering department.
20. Oversee Customer Service Department to ensure adequate
customer support is given post handing over
21. Prepare marketing kits, handover kits, maintenance kits etc.
22. Manage sales and marketing schedules
23. Create and manage content on website
24. Monitor and register all in/out entries from all sites,
marketing leads from websites and ads
25. Identify various outlets for media coverage in and around
26. Execute green initiatives, corporate initiatives and all
marketing initiatives
27. Purchase and manage all marketing collaterals and ensure
adequate stocks are maintained
Excellent English written, spoken and comprehension /
communication skills
Web – Senior Marketing Manager – Min 5 Yrs Exp
Apply for this position by sending your updated resume to
[email protected]