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Inside Earth Worksheet
1. Draw and label a model of the Earth’s layers. Be sure to label both the compositional layers and physical
properties layers. You may draw two separate models for each “type” of layers or just one.
2. Why is it difficult to determine Earth’s inner structure?
3. What do scientists use to study the interior of the Earth?
4. How are the asthenosphere and the lithosphere different?
Match each term with its definition by writing the letter of the correct definition on the line after the word:
5. Crust _____
6. Outer Core _____
7. Mantle _____
8. Lithosphere _____
9. Asthenosphere _____
10. Mesosphere _____
11. Inner Core _____
12. Core _____
a. compositional layer that is composed of iron and nickel
b. partially molten layer of the upper mantle that behaves
plastically and can flow like asphalt
c. layer of rock that forms Earth’s outer surface
d. the “middle” part of the Earth
e. layer that is composed of both the crust and the upper part of
the mantle that behaves like a brittle, rigid solid
f. the layer made up of liquid iron and nickel
g. hot, ultramafic rock layer that makes up 68% of Earth’s mass
h. the layer made up of solid iron and nickel