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Earth Layers Model
Purpose: To build a 3-D model of Earth’s structure. Your model must include color,
must be clearly labeled, and must be accurate. You must have a brief description of each
layer with your model. (typed or neatly written)
Materials: You may use any type of classroom-appropriate materials to construct your
model. Do not use any type of food product for your model.
Requirements: The model must be somewhat to scale. You must represent these 4 layers:
inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. In addition, you must show the lithosphere
(the crust and topmost part of the mantle), asthenosphere (upper part of the mantle), and
mesosphere (lower part of the mantle). The diagram at the top of the page provides
reference information, and you can find additional information in your textbook or
Due Date: The project is due by Thursday April 11th. This gives you two weeks,
including two weekends, should you need them. This project is a major grade. Please do
your best work.
Refer to the rubric on the back as you work on your model Turn this paper in with
your model!!!