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Yena & Nailah
 Influenza
highly infectious disease that effects the
respiratory system. It is also known as the flu or
 Influenza is a caused by a virus. When virus is
inhaled, virus attack cells in the upper part of the
respiratory system causing symptoms such as
fatigue fever and chills, "hacking" cough, and
body aches
 chills
 fever
 coughing
 sore
 weakness
 muscle aches and pains
 person
to person by direct contact
 airborne
 Spanish
started in 1918
categorized as Influenza A (changes often and
causes many flu epidemics)
caused respritory distress and pneumonia
 Avian
Cause of H5N1
Carried by birds
Little or no immune protection in humans
 Swine
caused the 2009 pandemic
caused by type A influenza virus
 Influenza
cannot be cured
 Usual course of actions is to let body heal itself
 People are told to get lots of rest and drink lots of f
luid when they are sick
 Sometimes steam vaporizer is used to make breathi
ng easier
 Painkillers are used to relieve aches and pains of th
e flu
 Antibiotics have no effect on the flu virus,
however they are used to treat secondary infection
 Currently
scientists are looking for more
antibiotics so they could prevent a pandemic
from erupting
 The National Institute of Health are also
searching to find a more effective treatment
for the Influenza
 The
most recent Influenza that is still going
around is the Stomach Flu
It is widely circulating around USA
On average 3 people per state already passed
away due to the Flu and the secondary infections
that the Flu caused.
“virus causes acute gastroenteritis, which causes
the stomach and intestines to get inflamed and
leads to stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea. Like
influenza, the norovirus can be a serious illness,
especially in young children and older adults.”
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