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Agency or Company Name
Contact Person
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Agency or Company Phone
Job Title
Job Description / Duties
Eva Care Group
1937 Pontius Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025
United States
Portia Lee
[email protected]
(310) - 889 - 9929
Electrician Apprentice
The job responsibilities will include but are not limited to:
• Reads, interprets, and executes drawings, schematics,
blueprints, and electrical code specifications to see layout
of commercial electrical equipment installations
• Tests electrical and equipment and parts for continuity,
current, voltage, and resistance
• Installs, repairs, or replaces AC/DC motors and drives,
transformers, motors, starters, relays, and hydraulic and
gas electrical controls
• Installs repairs, or replaces electrical wiring, receptacles,
switch boxes, conduits, feeders, fibre-optic, and line
assemblies, lighting, and alternative electrical parts
• Installs, repairs, or replaces generators and industrial
storage batteries
• Do preventive maintenance and testing of electrical
systems (including power distribution equipment)
• Installs electrical circuits, as well as panels, conduit,
protecting devices, switches, and equipment required to
accommodate the CEC and/or NEC
• Works on electrical failures and replaces components
wherever production time is often affected
• Corrects connections and wiring on equipment controls
wherever incorrect applications may cause harm and
dangerous conditions
• Conducts preventive and maintenance programs, and
also keeps maintenance records May install, maintain,
and calibrate industrial equipment and connected devices
• Complies with standards and procedures of industry,
Safety Manual, and abide by safety rules.
Monday - Saturday
Work Schedule
Minimum Qualifications
7:00am - 4:00pm
• Must have experience working in a commercial setting:
(Hanging Light fixtures/Ballasts/Operating Scissor &
boom Lifts)
• Rough/Trim, Conduit runs, wire circuits, installation of
Desired Qualifications
Agency or Company Name
switches, outlets, panels, meters, breakers etc.
• You must have skills to operate scissor lifts and run,
install and bend Helping install power supply wiring and
conduit such as: EMT, O-CAL, Rigid conduit, MC cable,
strut, cable trays
• Assisting with troubleshooting electrical components,
wiring diagrams, transformers, & motors
• Helping to install, maintain, and repair electrical systems
such as: electrical panels and lighting
• Measuring, cutting, and bending wire and conduit, using
measuring instruments and hand tools
• Tracing out short circuits in wiring, using test meter
• Examining electrical units for loose connections and
using basic hand tools
• Constructing controllers and panels, using power drills,
drill presses, taps, saws and punches
• Must be able to browse electrical schematics, diagrams,
and blueprints Must possess communication skills, selfsupervision, and respect for safety needs
• Must possess team spirit, and be able to work closely
with maintenance, production, and engineering, and out
of doors services
• Must be ready to do overtime work if the need arises
• Must have a versatile work schedule – shift work Must
be able to climb ladders
• Must have valid drivers’ license
• Must possess own transportation as most locations are
not accessible with public transportation.
• Must be proficient in running/bending conduit &
Branching Wire
• Must know all color codes etc.
• Personal & reliable transportation REQUIRED
Eva Care Group
1937 Pontius Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025
United States