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Blood supply of the Heart
Dr. Sama ul Haque
 Enlist the arteries and veins supplying heart.
 Describe the origin and branches of the right
and left coronary arteries.
 Define coronary artery anastomosis.
 Describe the arterial supply of the conducting
system of heart.
 Discuss the venous drainage and nerve
supply of the heart.
Arterial supply of Heart
 Right coronary artery
 Left coronary artery
Right Coronary Artery
 Arises from anterior aortic sinus of the
Ascending Aorta.
 It descends in the right atrioventricular
 Near inferior border continuous
posteriorly along the atrioventricular
 Anastomose with left coronary artery in
the posterior interventricular groove.
Right Coronary Artery
Branches of Right Coronary Artery
1. Right conus artery:
Supplies infundibulum and anterior wall
(upper part) of right ventricle.
2. Anterior ventricular (2-3) branches:
Supply anterior surface of right ventricle.
Marginal branch is the largest and reaches
up to the Apex.
Branches of Right Coronary Artery
Posterior ventricular (2) branches:
Supply diaphragmatic surface of the right
Atrial branches:
Supply anterior and lateral surface of the
right atrium. One branch supply posterior
surface of both right and left atria.
Artery of Sinuatrial Node (60%)
Branches of Right Coronary Artery
Posterior interventricular (descending)
Runs towards apex in the posterior
interventricular groove.
Supply right & left ventricles, including
its inferior wall.
Supply posterior part of the ventricular
septum (Excluding Apex).
Large septal branch Supply
Atrioventricular Node.
Right Coronary Artery
Right Coronary Artery
Left Coronary Artery
 Larger then Right coronary artery.
 Arises from posterior aortic sinus of the
Ascending Aorta.
 Passes between pulmonary trunk and left
 It enters in the atrioventricular groove and
divides into an anterior interventricular
branch and a circumflex branch.
 Supply greater part of the left Atrium, left
ventricle and ventricular septum.
Branches of Left Coronary Artery
Anterior interventricular (descending) artery:
Runs in the anterior interventricular groove to
the Apex.
Passes around the Apex to enter the posterior
interventricular groove & anastomoses with the
terminal branches of Right coronary artery.
Supply right and left ventricles & anterior
part of ventricular septum.
Left diagonal branch and left conus artery are
its branches.
Left Coronary Artery
Branches of Left Coronary Artery
Circumflex artery:
Winds around the left margin of the heart
in the atrioventricular groove.
Left marginal branch: Supply left
ventricular margin up to Apex.
 Anterior and posterior ventricular
branches: Supply left ventricle.
 Atrial branches: Supply left atrium.
3. Artery of Sinuatrial Node (40%)
Left Coronary Artery
Conducting system of Heart
 S-A Node: Right coronary artery (60%)
Left coronary artery (40%)
 A-V Node and A-V Bundle: Right coronary artery
 Right Bundle branch: Left coronary artery
 Left Bundle branch: Right & Left coronary
Venous Drainage of Heart
1. Coronary Sinus:
 Runs in the coronary sulcus (posterior
atrioventricular groove).
 Continuation of great cardiac vein.
 Opens in the right atrium.
 Tributaries:
 Great cardiac vein
 Middle cardiac vein
 Small cardiac vein
Venous Drainage of Heart
2. Anterior cardiac veins:
 Opens directly in the right atrium.
Contents of Heart grooves
1. Right atrioventricular groove:
Right coronary artery
Small cardiac vein
Left anterior atrioventricular groove:
Left coronary artery
Left posterior atrioventricular groove:
Coronary sinus
Anterior interventricular groove:
Anterior interventricular artery
Great cardiac vein
Posterior interventricular groove:
Posterior interventricular artery
Middle cardiac vein
Cardiac Veins (Sternocostal Surface)
Anterior cardiac veins
Cardiac Veins (Diaphragmatic Surface)
Nerve supply of the Heart
Cardiac plexus lies below the arch of Aorta.
1. Sympathetic Supply:
Cervical and upper thoracic spinal nerves
2. Parasympathetic Supply:
Vagus nerve
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