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The heart, veins, and arteries!
Superior Vena Cavaa large vein carrying
deoxygenated blood
into the heart. The
superior vena cava
(carrying blood from
the head, arms, and
upper body).
Inferior Vena CavaThere are two in
humans, the inferior
vena cava (carrying
blood from the lower
Aortathe main artery of the
body, supplying
oxygenated blood to the
circulatory system
Trunk/Arteryis a major vessel of
the human heart that
originates from the
right ventricle. It
branches into the
right and left
pulmonary arteries,
which lead to the
Myocardium- is the muscular
wall of the heart, or the heart
muscle. It contracts to pump
blood out of the heart and
then relaxes as the heart
refills with returning blood.
smooth membrane
that lines the inside of
the chambers of the
heart and forms the
surface of the valves
The heart muscle, like every other
organ or tissue in your body, needs
oxygen-rich blood to survive.
Blood is supplied to the heart by its
own vascular system, called coronary
The aorta (the main blood supplier to
the body) branches off into two main
coronary blood arteries. These
coronary arteries branch off into
smaller arteries, which supply
oxygen-rich blood to the entire heart
The right coronary artery supplies
blood mainly to the right side of the
heart. The right side of the heart is
smaller because it pumps blood
only to the lungs.
The left coronary artery, which
branches into the left anterior
descending artery and the circumflex
artery, supplies blood to the left side
of the heart. The left side of the heart
is larger and more muscular
because it pumps blood to the rest
of the body.
Coronary Artery
Unhealthy Arteries
• The great Cardiac Vein: This
cardiac vein returns deoxygenated
blood (metabolic waste products)
from the anterior surfaces of the
left ventricle.
• The cardiac veins returns
deoxygenated blood (containing
metabolic waste products) from
the myocardium to the right
atrium. This blood then flows back
to the lungs for re-oxygenation
and removal of carbon dioxide.
Cardiac Veins
If an artery or branch
becomes blocked
suddenly, a portion of
the heart is starved of
oxygen, a condition
called "cardiac
If cardiac ischemia
lasts too long, the
starved heart tissue
dies. This is a heart
attack, otherwise
known as a
myocardial infarction
-- literally, "death of
heart muscle."
Myocardial Infarction
• Prevent backflow
into atria when
ventricles contract
• Right: Tricuspid
• Left: Bicuspid/Mitral
Heart valves
• Guard the bases of
large arteries issuing
from the ventricles.
They prevent
backflow into the
• Aortic & Pulmonary
Semilunar Valves