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Review: Semester Final
Test Wednesday, December 14th
Why does South Africa have the highest
standard of living in Sub-Saharan Africa?
The countries have abundant mineral
Poor use of resources has made the soil less
fertile in the Sahel. What type of activity
has caused this?
human activity
What form of government does India have?
federal republic
What was one of the main problems with
the borders that Europeans established in
They divided some cultural groups and
grouped some rivals together.
What continent is A?
North America
South America
According to Hindu belief, what determines
the form that a soul will take in the next life?
Conflict over control of Kashmir has
involved which two neighboring countries?
Pakistan and India
What was responsible for the formation of
Africa’s major valleys, lakes, and volcanoes?
plate tectonics
How did Ghandi promote Indian
civil disobedience
What region lies between desert and
grasslands in sub-Saharan Africa?
the Sahel
What characteristic do Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam all share?
belief in one god
Which of the following is a belief of
A. After death, a person’s soul is reborn into another
physical life.
B. There is one deity and all people are equal.
C. There is a path to move beyond suffering.
D. Every deity is part of one universal spirit.
What geologic process caused the Himilaya
Mountains to form?
collision of tectonic plates
What has been a big part of India’s
economic growth?
the outsourcing of U.S. service jobs
What is the main characteristic of arable
suitable for farming
What word best describes the climate of
N Africa and SW Asia?
Are the following push or pull factors?
poverty in the countryside
cleaner water
more job opportunities
war with neighboring countries
more educational opportunities
Which process alters the land through the actions of
A. deforestation
B. erosion
C. eruption
D. transition
What is true of the movement of tectonic plates?
A. It continues to shape Africa’s geography.
B. It has ceased to affect sub-Saharan Africa.
C. It has had little affect on Africa’s landforms.
D. It is responsible for desertification in Africa.
Why haven’t African nations benefitted more from
their mineral wealth?
corrupt governments
What does the PLO want for Palestinians?
a state of their own
What term is used for a country in which government,
economic institutions, and civil order have broken
failed state
What is the name of the social structure that divided
people based on ancestry, family ties, and a person’s
caste system
Why is the Indian government working to improve
a. India’s population is growing very quickly.
b. The government needs highways to retain military
control of Kashmir.
c. India’s sewers were ruined by storms.
d. The government believes economic growth will
reduce discrimination.
How has the caste system changed in the last 50 years?
a. An unofficial fifth group has been added.
b. Discrimination has been outlawed by the
c. Caste is based on region rather than job.
d. “Untouchables” have been ranked the third-highest
Which of the monsoon seasons is wet, and which one is
summer is wet and winter is dry
How does a growing population lead to pollution of the
Ganges River?
more human waste
Into which body of water does the Ganges River empty?
Bay of Bengal
What divides Afghanistan as a country?
widely-scattered ethnic groups