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Hinduism Reading Check Questions: Read pages 130-135 in the Blue World History Book.
1. What is a caste system?
Social system where people are divided into groups based on birth, wealth, occupation
2. Why did strict caste rules develop?
To keep the classes distinct
3. What is karma?
Effects that good or bad actions have on a person’s soul
4. How did Brahmanism develop into Hinduism?
From Vedic texts and ideas from other cultures
5. How does Hinduism reinforce followers’ willingness to remain within their castes?
If you accept your dharma, including your caste, they may be reborn into a higher
6. What are the 4 main teachings of Jainism?
Injure no life, tell the truth, do not steal and own no property
7. How do you think the idea of nonviolence affected the daily lives of Jains in ancient India?
Could not be soldiers or kill animals for food
Buddhism Reading Check Questions: Read pages 136-141 and answer questions.
8. Who was Buddha and what does the term Buddha mean?
Siddartha Gautama-enlightened one
9. How did Siddahartha Gautama free his mind and clarify his thinking as he searched for wisdom?
Fasted, didn’t bathe, mediatated
10. What is nirvana?
State of perfect peace
11. How are Buddhist teachings different from Hindu teachings?
Buddhists don’t believe in sacrifices, the caste system, or that they needed the help of
12. Why do Buddhists believe that following the Eightfold Path leads to a better life?
It leads them down a path of fulfillment without excess or denial , which then leads to
13. Into what lands did Buddhism spread?
Sri Lanka, Myanmar, other parts of SE Asia, Central Asia, Persia, Syria & Egypt and
eventually to China then Korea & Japan
14. What role did missionaries play in spreading Buddhism?
Traveled to distant lands to spread Buddhist teachings.