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Roots of Hinduism
 How did the caste system maintain social order in early India?
 What are the origins and beliefs of Hinduism?
1. Label the caste system to the left
2. Which caste did Aryans belong to and which caste
did non-Aryans belong to?
3. How did Aryans view physical work?
4. Who are the Dalits or untouchables:
5. Hinduism originated with the _____________ who provided India with the ___________ which were a
collection hymns and religious ceremonies.
Over the centuries, many Hindu teachers tried to interpret the Vedas and explain its meanings.
What resulted were ____________________or written dialogues and discussions between teachers and
The goal of the Upanishads: How does one achieve liberation from desires and suffering. This is
______________, the state of perfect understanding.
Early Hindus believed in the existence of a single force in the universe, a form of ultimate reality or
god, called _______________.
It was the duty of the individual soul - called ______________ - to seek to know the ultimate reality.
By doing so, the self would merge with the Brahman after death.
6. How is the caste system involved in Hinduism?