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 Biomass is an
organic material
made from plants
and animals living or
formerly living in a
given area.
 Biomass contains
stored energy from
the sun.
 Plants absorb the sun’s
energy in the process of
photosynthesis. (radiant
energy converted to
chemical energy)
 The chemical energy in
plants gets passed to
animals and people that
eat them.
 Living things store energy chemically
 After organisms die, the energy remains
stored in the chemicals of which they
 In the
environment are
bacteria and other
decomposers that
break down
material in the
Large molecules are broken down
into smaller molecules.
As matter is broken down, energy is
released in the form of heat.
Compost Heap
 A compost heap is
a pile of compost,
organic matter
such as leaves and
grass clippings
Compost pile with
grass clippings and
chopped leaves
Compost Heap
Vocabulary for composting
Decay: to break down into
component parts, to rot
Decomposition: the breakdown of
organic matter from larger to
smaller molecules
Organic: of, or related to, or derived
from living organisms
10% Rule
 it means only ten percent of energy consumed is
available to the next trophic level