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My presentation
About biomass
page one
Biomass is a renewable energy
source is biological material
from living or recently living
bacteria such as wood , waste ,
(hydrogen) gas and alcohol
fuels it is used to generate
heat or electricity.
Living biomass can also can be
included such as living plant
matter (also can make
electricity while still alive) the
most normal in which way is
biomass used to power stuff.
Page two
However still relies on direct
on incarnation forest minerals
for such as dead trees
branches or tree stumps yard
clippings , wood chips are
often used for this.
However biomass also includes
plant and animal matter are
used for productions and
chemicals biomass may
biodegradable wastes that can
be burnt as fuels it excludes
organic such as fossil fuels
which have been transformed
Page three
Geological into
substances such as coal
and petroleum industrial
biomass can be grown by
numerous types of plants
such as hemp , corn ,
poplar , willow , sour
gum , sugarcane and a
variety of tree species ,
ranging from eucalyptus
to palm oil the particular
Where to find Biomass
Biomass is divided into 5
energy sources: Garbage,
wood, waste, landfill gasses
and alcohol fuels wood energy
is derived both from direct use
of harvested wood waste
The largest source of energy
from wood is pulping liquor or
“black liquor” a waste product
from processes of the pulp,
paper and paperboard
industry.waste energyis the
second largest
Where to find biomass continued
Main contributors are
municipal solid waste
manufacturing waste,
and landfill gas.
Biomass alcohol fuels
or ethanol, is derived
primary from
sugarcane and corn.
 It can be used directly
as a fuel or as an
addictive to gasoline.