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Ecology Practice Grid-in Questions
1. The carbon cycle involves the flux,
or flow, of carbon among different
systems on Earth. Scientists
throughout the world are working
to determine the amounts of
carbon stored in different
components of Earth and the
movements of carbon between
these components. By using
different methods, scientists have
been able to determine the
approximate quantities and fluxes
involved in the global carbon cycle.
This sketch shows the movement of
carbon measured in gigatons (GT)
Determine the amount of carbon that reaches the ocean surface from marine biota.
2. The ocean food web shown depicts the
flow of carbon from each of the organisms
via respiration, from producer to
consumer to consumer via consumption
and back to bacteria via decomposition.
How much carbon (in g/m2) from zooplankton
is used by decomposers? Give your answer to
the nearest whole number.
3. After seven days of growth, a plant’s weight was 14.3 grams. The percent biomass of that plant
was determined to be 23.1%. What amount of energy (in kcal) is stored in the plant, if the
amount of stored energy = (g biomass) x 4.35 kcal?