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Nekton (fish, squid, whales and
other free swimmers)
Synthesis question: Why is there so
much more plankton biomass than
nekton biomass?
What are nekton?
What are plankton?
Which are bigger? Why?
Can a species be both? At the same time?
• Species fit in one or more of these levels.
• How does size change with pyramid level?
• Who inhabits
these levels in
the ocean?
Are there more
levels in the
• Cetaceans (Marine Mammals). What are
• Two main kinds
• Which have a greater biomass?
• Whale “fishing”
• Some of the first international treaties on
• Why international?
• Seals
• Where are they on the food chain?
• Except some!
• Crab eater seal
• What is the most common seal by
• Squid!
• Good eating…
• Fish
• Where in the chain?
• Herring, Anchovies, sardines
• Cod, bluefish, flounder
• Tuna, Sharks
• Which fish are most likely to be overfished?