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• 1. Which people
emphasized duty,
strength, and
• 2. Who preserved and
spread aspects of the
Minoan culture?
• 3. Who moved into the
Greek world and reigned
for about 400 years and
left no written record?
• 4. What term is used
today for the art of
Athens during the Age of
• 5. Who warned the
Greeks about the
Macedonian King Philip
and his army?
• 6. Who wrote the wellknown book Elements,
which is the basis for
modern geometry?
• 7. What battle formation
produced the most
powerful fighting force
in the ancient world?
• 8. Where was the
Hellenistic statue
• 9. Sparta's declaration
of war against Athens
began which war?
• 10. Who built an empire
that stretched to India?
• 11. What separated the
different regions within
• 12. Given the meaning of
polis, and considering the
definition of acropolis, you
can tell that the Greek
combining form acromeans ____________.
• 13. Solon is known for
• 14. Explain the
characteristics of
Athenian Democracy.
• 15. A phalanx was a type
• The Persian army that
invaded Greece in 480 B.C.
and fought at the Battle of
Thermopylae was led by
___________, King of the
• 17. Who was driven from
Greece shortly before
the golden age of Athens
• 18. A significant
democratic reform
carried out by Pericles
was to
• 19. Greek art of the time,
also called "classical
art," exhibits what
• 20. Which philosopher
was condemned to
death for "corrupting
the youth of Athens“ and
"neglecting the city's
• 21. Who wrote The
Republic, a book that set
forth his vision of a
perfectly governed
• 22. During the
Peloponnesian War,
more than one-third of
the Athenians, including
Pericles, died as a result
of __________.
• 23. Who won The
Peloponnesian War?
• 24. Why did Macedonia
conquer Greece?
• 25. After conquering
Greece, Alexander the
Great conquered which
• 26. Which cultures were
represented in the
cultural blend of
Hellenistic culture?
• 27. This city was the
center of commerce and
culture in the Hellenistic
• 28. This scientist arrived
at a fairly accurate
calculation of the value
of pi.
• 29. This astronomer
arrived at a surprisingly
accurate calculation of
the earth's
• 30. This astronomer
argued that the sun was
much larger than the
earth and that the
planets revolve around
the sun.
• 31. This bronze statue
stood more than 100 feet
high. It appears to have
been the tallest statue
in the Hellenistic world.
• 32. What were Alexandria’s
3 amazing attractions?
• 33. This mathematician's
work is still the basis of
courses in geometry. His
best-known work was the
textbook, Elements.
• 34. This school of philosophy
held that the universe is
controlled by a divine power
and argued that people
should lead virtuous lives in
harmony with natural law.
• 35. This school of thought
held that the universe is
governed by gods who were
not interested in people and
the only real objects are
those that can be perceived
by the five senses.
• 36. How was ancient
Greek civilization and
culture affected by
geography? Be sure to
consider the sea, the
land, and the climate.
• 37. What were a few
ways in which Sparta
and Athens were similar
and how were they
• 38. Why is the Age of
Pericles considered a
golden age in the
history of Greece?
• 39. What are some of the
reasons that Alexander
was considered "the
• What do you think were
the chief
characteristics of
Hellenistic culture?
Support your ideas.