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Geometry Honors
Ms Curry
Name: _______________________
Date : _____________________
Unit 3 Test Review
9. a.
b. If 1  7 , what theorem or postulate allows you to conclude that a b ?
10. The measures of the acute exterior angles a right triangle are 3x + 25 and 5x + 5.
Find the measures of the angles of the triangle. (Hint – draw a picture!)
11. The ratio of measures of the angles of a triangle is 2:4:5.
Find the angles of the triangle, and classify the triangle.
12. Name the polygon with an interior angle sum of 1080 .
13. Find each exterior angle of a regular 15-gon.
14. Each interior angles of regular polygon is 36 . How many sides does the polygon have?
15. Solve for x.
Use the following diagram for proofs #24 and #25.
Do not use the information from #24 for #25.
They are separate proofs.
24. Given: AC DE
Prove: m1 m2  m5
25. Given: 3 is Supplementary to 5 .
Prove: AC DE