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Chapter 3 Foldable
3.1 Definitions
1. Explain in your own words the difference between parallel and skew.
Draw a picture to help explain.
2. What shape represents alternate interior angles?
3. What shape represents same-side interior angles?
4. What shape represents corresponding angles?
3.2 Properties of Parallel Lines
1. What method are you using to memorize and UNDERSTAND the
postulates and theorems? Is it working, if not what can you do?
2. What do I mean, when I say “trace the angles”. Show me an example.
3.3 Proving Lines Parallel
1. What are 5 ways that you can prove that two lines are parallel?
3.4 Angles of a Triangle
1. Describe in your own words what an exterior angle is. Draw a picture.
2. What is the relationship between the exterior angle of a triangle and the
adjacent interior angle of the triangle. Write an equation.
3.5 Angles of a Polygon
1. A polygon has 102 sides. What is the interior angle sum?
2. What is the exterior angle sum for any convex polygon?
3. What does exterior angle sum mean in your own words?
3.6 Inductive Reasoning
1. Describe in your own words the difference between Deductive and
Inductive Reasoning.
2. Give an example of something that is Inductive Reasoning. Remember
my Spaghetti story, or the Marigold story.