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Name: _____________________________
Directions: Fill in the blanks below with the words provided in the box.
Arteries & Veins
Spinal Cord
Sm. Intestine
Lg. Intestine
Nerve Net
Rib Cage
Digestive System: The process of breaking down food.
1.________________ I am long and narrow and extend from the stomach. My best friend is the large
intestine. Nutrients from food are absorbed into my blood stream. Who am I?
2.________________ I am wide and wrapped around the small intestine. Water is absorbed in me and
waste is removed from me. Who am I?
3.________________ I am an organ in the body that acts as a container for food and the early stages of
digestion occur here. Who am I?
4.________________ I am long and skinny and connect the mouth to the stomach. Food passes
through me. Who am I?
Skeletal System: Provides support for your body.
1.________________ I am the bony enclosing wall of the chest. I protect organs such as your heart
and your lungs. Who am I?
2.________________ I am the bowl-shaped group of bones connecting the trunk of the body to the
legs and supporting the spine. I include the hip bones and the lower part of the backbone. Who am I?
3.________________ I am a bone of the leg located between the pelvis and knee. I am the largest and
strongest bone in the body. Who am I?
Circulatory/Respiratory System: Responsible for carrying materials throughout the entire body.
1.________________I am responsible for pumping blood through the blood vessels. The rib cage
protects me from getting hurt. Who am I?
2.________________I am elastic tubes that carry blood away from the heart. As I move away from
the heart I divide into smaller vessels. Who am I?
3.________________I am a bony tube that connects the nose and mouth to the lungs. Air passes to and
from the lungs thanks to me. Who am I?
4.________________ We are two spongy, saclike respiratory organs that remove carbon dioxide from
the blood and provide it with oxygen. We occupy the chest along with the heart. Who are we?
Nervous System:
1.________________I am a long tube-like structure extending from the base of the brain through the
back. The backbone protects me from getting injured. I send messages to and from the brain to the rest
of my body. Who am I?
Name: _____________________________
2.________________ I am the part of the face that contains the nostrils. I can smell and function as
the passage way for air in respiration. Who am I?
3.________________I am the control center of the nervous system. I am located in the head and
protected by the skull. Who am I?
4. ________________