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North Africa
Sahara Desert
• Covers most of North Africa
• Most people settle near oases
The Nile River
The Blue Nile and the
White Nile intersect
flow Northward
• The Aswan High
Dam has caused
problems for farmers
in Egypt
• Situated across the
Nile River in Aswan,
• The dam has
blocked the flooding
of the Nile, stopping
the flow of nutrients
that fertilize the soil
• Has a steppe climate that supports
grazing animals
• Effected by Desertification- what is it?
• Located south
of the Sahel
• In danger of
becoming arid
North Africa Overview
West Africa
• Climate changes from North to South
• Sahara desert covers the northern part of West
• The Savanna in West Africa provides an adequate
climate for farming
• Contains part of the tropical rainforest
West Africa
East Africa
• Contains very hot lakes
• Heat from the Earth’s interior makes this region very warm
• Rainfall is unpredictable in this region resulting in a drought
The Great Rift Valley
• Formed by the
spreading of tectonic
• Caused volcanic
• Resulted in a 3,700
mile trench
East Africa Overview
Central Africa
• Congo River provides transportation for
this region
• The main rivers of Central Africa contain
rapids and waterfalls making it difficult to
Central Africa Tropical
• Warm and rainy
• Humid tropical climate
• Threatened by logging and
hunting…which is called?
Central Africa Overview
Southern Africa
• Lies on a large plateau
• Major Rivers: Orange River and Limpopo River
• Veld- open grassland areas of South Africa