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NAME ____________________ PERIOD _____________ DATE _________________
COURSE – Ancient Civilizations
GRADE – 8 White
TOPIC – Egypt
KEY LEARNING(S): Egypt achieved many accomplishments such as great architecture.
hieroglyphics, medicine, religious beliefs, and military conquests due to its location along the
Nile River.
UNIT ESSENTIAL QUESTION(S): What were the many achievements throughout Egypt’s Old,
Middle, and New Kingdoms ?
Concept 1: The Gifts of the Nile
Lesson Essential Questions:
What were the gifts of the Nile ?
How does environment affect where people live and what they do ?
Describe the three seasons created by the Nile River ?
cataracts delta papyrus dynasty People/ King Menes(Narmer)
Concept 2: Life in Ancient Egypt
Lesson Essential Questions:
What were the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians ?
How was Egypt’s social structure organized ?
What were the steps to building the Great Pyramid at Giza ?
afterlife embalm mummy hieroglyphics sarcophagus canopic jars pyramid ka maat
Concept 3: The New Kingdom
Lesson Essential Questions:
What were the steps to embalming the body of an upper class Egyptian ?
What were the achievements of the Egyptians during the New Kingdom ?
pharaoh obelisk Book of the Dead
Concept 4:
Lesson Essential Questions:
People/ Hatshepsut Ramses Thutmose III