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Unit 3 Egypt Section 1 Focus questions
1.) Explain: Where were Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt?
2.)Draw Conclusions: Why was it important to the Egyptians that the Nile’s flooding was
3.) Recall: How did farmers use the Nile to grow their crops?
4.) Predict: Why might the ruins of early Egyptian settlements lack evidence of
protective walls?
5.)Define: What does the title pharaoh mean?
6.)Explain: How did the pharaoh’s crown display the unification of Egypt?
7.) Analyze: Do you think Menes made a good choice in building his capital city
at Memphis? Why or why not?
8.) Make Judgments: Which part of Egypt—Upper or Lower—do you think was more valuable
to a ruler? Why?
Reviewing Ideas, Terms, and People
1.( a.)Recall What were the two regions that made up ancient Egypt?
(b).Make Inferences Why was the Nile Delta well suited for settlement?
(c.)Predict How might the Nile’s cataractshave both helped and hurt Egypt?
2.( a.)Describe What foods did the Egyptians eat?
(b).Analyze What role did the Nile play in supplying Egyptians with these foods?
(c.)Elaborate How did the desert on both sides of the Nile help ancient Egypt?
3. (a.)Identify Who was the first pharaoh of Egypt?
(b.)Draw Conclusions Why did the pharaohs of the First Dynasty wear a double crown?